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Folk Village
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Pumi Minority Village

With a population of 33,000, the Pumi minority is one of Yunnnn's indigenous ethnic minority groups, and ancestral origin of the Pumi minority could be traced to the ancient Diqing Tribe. While primarily engaging in agricultural production, the Pumi people also run well-developed animal husbandry. Major habitats of the Pumi people in Northwestern Yunnan include Lanping, Ninglang. Lijiang , Weixi and Yongsheng Counties. While boasting their folk arts, the Pumi people are also good at danncing and singing, antiphonal mountain songs. When their kids come to the age of 13, the Pumi people would hold the "Adulthood Rite" for them. Representative annual celebration of the Pumi people is the "Major 15" Day Festival, which starts on the 14" day of the 12" lunar month. The Pumi people speak their own language, while the Chinese language is commonly adopted for written communication. The Pumi people worship the Tibetan Buddhism, and their "Hangui" (sorcerers) also use the Tibetan language to write Buddhist scriptures.

The Pumi people commonly adopt the 2-storey "Duomu" architectural style when constructing their houses, which is generally arranged into a compound. The Pumi folks like to drink the “Sulima”wine, which is brewed from barley by following native technology, and the wine enjoy the fame of "native beer". To illustrate the winemaking process, a Sulima brewery is constructed in the west end of the village.

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