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Ticket service
Tour Yunnan starts from Yunnan Nationalities Village

Entrance tickets: 90 yuan / person


1. Courtesy ticket (60 yuan/person) is available for visitors aged between 60 (including) and 70 by producing valid ID card. Senior citizens aged 70 or above can enter the scenic area free of charge by producing their valid ID cards. Holders of "Senior Citizen's Certificate" and "Retirement Certificate" can enter the scenic area free of charge.

2. Minors aged between 6 (excluding) and 18 (including) and full-time undergraduate students (except students of adult education, TVU and correspondence course programs) with student ID enjoy half-price discount (45 yuan/person). Youths from Hong Kong SAR, Macao SAR and Chinese Taiwan enjoy the same preferential policy as mainland youths (45 yuan/person) with valid certificates such as "Hong Kong and Macao Residents' Permit for Travelling to and from the Mainland", "Taiwan Residents' Permit for Travelling to and from the Mainland" or student ID card.


Free admission is available for:

1. Children under 6 years old (including) or under 1.2 meters (including) in height (accompanied by parents);

2. Senior citizens over 70 years of age with their valid ID cards; senior citizens with "Senior Citizen's Certificate of Merit" or "Retirement Certificate";

3. Military personnel in active service, disabled military personnel with military ID, holders of disabled military card;

4. Disabled visitors with Disabled Person's Card of the People's Republic of China; one accompanying person for blind visitors, visitors with disabled double lower limbs and other severely disabled visitors;

5. Holders of (national, provincial or municipal) model worker certificates;

6. Journalists with "Press Card" issued by the State Administration of Press, Publication, Radio, Film and Television and the interview certificates upon application at the scenic area’s marketing department;

7. Holders of tour guide certificate, tour guide qualification certificate, travel agency manager qualification certificate;

Other personnel qualified for free or discounted admission stipulated by laws, regulations and relevant policies. Ticket reductions do not include the cost of ropeways and shuttle vehicles.


Ticketing Instruction

1. Ticket offices are located at East Gate, Main Gate, South Gate and North Gate of the scenic area.

2. The relevant documents are for personal use only and cannot be transferred.

3. The entrance tickets, performance tickets, once sold, are not intended for refunds or replacement, and are valid only for the date of purchase. A new ticket is required for re-entry on the same day.

4. We will cancel or change the time of shows, suspend the opening of the scenic area, or control the number of admission from time to time without prior notice for reasons such as capacity limit of the scenic area, bad weather conditions, maintenance to ensure safety, security, order, or other force majeure factors. Please note the on-site announcement. Thank you for your understanding and cooperation.

5. Dangerous goods, medicines or drugs controlled by laws are prohibited to enter the scenic area. Pets are not allowed to enter the scenic area. Distribution of printed materials, hawking of any goods or services, parades or speeches, and other unauthorized public gatherings are strictly prohibited in the scenic area.

6. We reserve the right to refuse to allow bags, parcels or other items to be brought into the scenic area, and to dispose of all unattended items as we see fit.

7. Please respect other visitors and performers in the scenic area. Please do not use indecent language, or do any dangerous, illegal or other unreasonable behavior.

8. Smoking is only allowed in the smoking area, please refer to the tour guidance or consult the service staff in the scenic area for details.

9. If there is any change in the ticket policy, the announcement in the ticket hall shall provide.