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Folk Village
Tour Yunnan starts from Yunnan Nationalities Village

The population of the Tibetan people in Yunnan is about 120,000. They mainly live in compact communities in Diqing Tibetan Autonomous Prefecture and only a few live in counties like Lijiang, Gongshan, Yongsheng and Ninglang.

The Tibetans believe in Tibetan Buddhism and the white color is regarded by the Tibetans as the symbol of purity and holiness.

The Tibetan Village occupies a total area of 21 acres. In the village are the slope-roofed folk residences from Large and Lesser Zhongdian areas and watchtower-like flat-roofed residences from the Deqin area. The solemn and sacred Tibetan Buddhism Temple, the magnificent guest-welcoming pagoda and the sculpture of the white yak symbolizing good luck and harmony set off and complement with the unique Tibetan architecture.

The major Tibetan festivals include Tibetan Calendar New Year, Danbarigu Festival (July Summer Tour Festival), Angqu Festival and Gedong Festival. Their main etiquette is to present a hada(a piece of silk used as a greeting gift). The traditional buttered tea has a style of its own among the national tea ceremonies. The bold and uninhibited Tibetan songs and dances like “the Reba”, “Guozhuang” and “Stringed Musical dances” which will truly let you experience the flavor from the plateau.

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