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Folk Village
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With a population about 17,000, the De’ang people are mainly distributed in counties and districts like Luxi, Lianghe, Ruili, Longchuan and Longyang in Dehong Prefecture and Baoshan Municipality.

The majority of their folk residences are thatched bamboo and wood structures on stilt foundations. The De’ang Village architecture includes De’ang large house accommodating tens of family members, felt-capped small houses and big and small public houses with romance. Constructed in the village are also the symbol of Longyang  Pagoda and Buddhist scripture-reading house and pagoda.

The De’ang people generally believe in Hinayana and their folklore activities are closely connected to Buddhist services. The Water Splashing Festival, Door Opening Festival and Door Closing Festival are their major festivals. The costumes of the De’ang people are rich in color and their oral literature, folk song writing in particular, are comparatively universal. Their tea culture is even of unique features.

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