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Folk Village
Tour Yunnan starts from Yunnan Nationalities Village

With a population about 410,000, the Lahu people mainly inhabit in compact communities along the two sides of the Lancangjiang River in Simao and Lincang municipalities.

The Lahu Village is closely contiguous to the Jinuo Village. Built in the village are thatched houses, a big public house, a church, a cowshed and the Calabash Square.

Situated in the centre of the Lahu Village is the Calabash Square in the shape of the plane of a large calabash, with a group of carved stone calabashes in the core. The legend goes that ancestors of the Lahus were born in a calabash. Therefore, the Calabash Square reflects the ancestor worship of the Lahus.           

Roaming in the Lahu Village, you can hear the sweet and melodious music of the Hulusheng instrument. You can also watch the jubilant and passionate harvest dance expressing their laboring scene. All these display the folk disposition of the Lahus.

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